Consistency is key. But my consistency, in reality, lacks consistency. I tend to get bored of a new idea, realize that I don’t have enough mental, physical or material resources and the idea gets beautifully shelved. So, when I decided to start this, I was skeptical; I still am. Skeptical that I’ll keep at it. I might start off with a lot of enthusiasm (currently I’m more nervous than enthusiastic – nervous about public shaming), but I’m worried that the enthusiasm won’t last.

Despite my inconsistency in consistency, I am a systematic person. True, these aren’t comparable traits, but assuming that lack of one leads to the lack of the other, I’ll consider them together. I’m systematic enough to require a pattern, a connected series of topics to write on, here. I require a title, say, “The eleventh hour girl – how I wasted the 3 days before an exam”, and further, a series of posts with snippets of the 3 days. See? Connected. But if I limit myself to one kind of posts, to fuel my systematic approach, I’ll be creating an atmosphere that will ultimately lead to my discontinuation from blogging, out of sheer boredom.

Ergo, to solve the problem, say, for every month, I have decided to pick a topic/category/theme, write on the same religiously and post! A haphazardly consistent plus systematic idea! Hopefully I have figured out a way to trick my mind with this! Having said that, let me introduce the first month’s topic – ideas I consistently let get shelved/things I started, but, well, never got around to completing. Probably, if I keep posting for many months, I’ll have an exception to the same!

P. S. This will go down well with a cuppa. Happy brewing, happy reading! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. I have also struggled with consistency and discipline! I tried a 30day challenge once as I heard that it would develop a new habit and so sometimes I try mini challenges to help become a bit more consistent. I really love those challenges I find they do help a great deal.


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