Ich kann nicht auf Deutsch sprechen..for a reason

When learning a language, “consistency is key”. In the sense that you need people to converse with. My short tryst with the German language is what I have selected to share as the first post under my very first series, which is a collection of my “trying, trying, failing, oh, I give up!” instances.

The tryst, so to say, was a short one. At the end of it, I’m left fluent in one statement – I can’t speak in German! Ich kann nicht auf Deutsch sprechen! Ich kann try, aber ich will be very bad at it!

I did nothing wrong, went to the best of classes, practiced well, took exams and cleared them too, but my biggest blunder was not keeping at it. I stopped conversing with people who knew German, and hence, completely lost touch with it. The grammar was already overwhelming, and as I was given a wonderful opportunity to forget it all, right after the exam, I took it, shamelessly. I was to return to it, but I didn’t. I couldn’t! While prioritizing, German took a back seat and it has stayed there ever since!

To describe it using the perfect metaphor, our, German’s and mine, relationship just got consumed in the trials of the long distance. Sadly, we couldn’t make it work. We tried and tried, keeping in touch by ways of newer “Learn German in xx days” books; German even tried getting in touch with me through apps, but without the regular intimacy, we just drifted apart.

So well, I’m certain there are many out there, who initiated learning a new language and failed miserably. Of course, those who managed to gain fluency, hats off, tips will be much appreciated.

Certainly, we ended on a good enough note. At least I have German in sight sufficiently to write about it, albeit in Englisch…

P. S. Cheers to acceptance! Try again. Fail again. Fail better – Samuel Beckett 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ich kann nicht auf Deutsch sprechen..for a reason

  1. Loved the comparison with the long distance relationship! And also the quote by Samuel Beckett fits perfectly.
    Looking forward to reading more Posts from you while I sip my cuppa (as I currently am) in the future.


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