The incomplete home projects!

A new revelation today, under the things-I-started-and-comfortably-left-unfinished series! How I never completed home projects that I made detailed diagrams for – during exams! Yes! This is like a tradition. Every year, during my final exams in March-May, I get this scientific urge to try my hand at electronics. I do. I always liked electricity, you know, the light bulb..(hehe); I liked circuit diagrams too. I had a set when I was a kid with circuit diagrams given and I used to put those together. I remember, for certain ones, I had even taken the set to my favorite teacher’s house to discuss and put them together! If Physics hadn’t been ruined for me by those complex equations, I might not have done Pharmacy. Well, I wanted to do Arts, Psychology, and now I’m venturing into Economics. Undecided? No. Circumstantial.

So, this sudden urge would force me to leave my books and focus on coming up with methods for creating a good side-table lamp. I remember two projects. Sorry, two failed projects.
1. The Translucent Paper lamp fiasco: I was much younger when I was working on this. All I wanted to do was make my own Diwali (the festival of lights, in India) lights to put at the corner, over my bed. I had it all planned – how to make it a sturdy lamp, method of hanging the sockets in series with the electric cable, connected somewhere in my room, the shapes of the lamps, the translucent lamps to show different colors once it surrounded the bulbs, etc, etc. I prepared a plan, waited for holidays to begin and when they did, I watched TV and slept with the lights off.
2. The Big Bang Theory DNA fiasco: I like the show, I do. What I like more is the DNA structure in their living room. I love that. I decided, I shall make a side lamp in the shape of DNA and have tiny lights at every base pair, sugar and phosphate. I planned for tubes through which the wires could go, the type of bulbs or LED lights, the structure, the dimensions. It was a good plan, and I was inspired by Biochemistry, the exam for which I was studying, in my Second Year of College. I made the plan, folded the paper, kept it safely, enough to never be found by anyone, including me. If I didn’t have an internship that summer which gave me exactly 8.5 hours at home everyday, I might have done it!

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You know me too well! Who am I kidding, I still wouldn’t have done it, like everything else!

I want this 😦

P. S. Don’t judge me already, by the time I finish all the instances in this series, this month, you’ll have me pegged for a lazy a**! (Which I’m not exactly) Happy reading; feel free to laugh! 🙂


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