My REM-ing tales!

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I understand that no one is interested in this list per se, but looking back at it, I realize that my nap-time has tried to give me a few laughs. I was just a little too REM-ing (rapid eye movement-ing) to get the joke. So following is the list of my funniest dreams. And well, don’t be overwhelmed by it (I’ll allow you to be blown away), but my memory is quite good, meaning I remember all of these dreams. NOT MADE UP.

1. I was giving a bath to snakes – Yes, you read it right. Back when I was a kid, I had a cute little bath tub for myself. But little did I know that I’ll have company in the bathroom that day! Say hello to snakes in a tub! And the cobra looks all, well, slimy, covered in bubbles. I’m scrubbing it. Maybe I was helping it shed…

2. Lizard lizard everywhere – Yes! I saw this and it freaked me out a lot! I hate lizards, they are fidgety! And I dreamt that suddenly there were lizards all over the walls! I went to switch on the computer and the wires were nonexistent as they too had become lizards! This is making you feel like something is creeping up on you, isn’t it? Wondering why I dream a lot about reptiles? I’d say not only reptiles, read on.

3. I battled a cat – Yes. It was one ferocious cat. It was staring into my eyes. It jumped on me and I was actually trying my best to keep its teeth away from my face. That was some fight, I swear. But I woke up soon after as I was losing the fight… Have I told you about how I battled a centipede that was on the toilet seat? At 4 a.m.? When I really wanted to use the loo?? Wait, this happened, it wasn’t a dream! Excuse me. *clears throat*

4. We all got MURDERED – Yes! This was by far the scariest dream I have ever had! An intruder in the house and my family somehow gets into two rooms and locks the doors. It is so nerve-wracking to try to deal with an armed man! Albeit in a dream… But then suddenly he starts banging the door and my Dad steps out of the room and! I don’t even want to write it down… I guess this was the effect of Sinister. Or all the psychopaths I had read up on for a school project. Psychotic of me to voluntarily do that, right?

5. I-am-still-writing-exams dreams – Yes, this a tradition. Every year I dream that I am still taking examinations, after I am done with them in reality. How sweet of my dear memory, to make me relive my worst original nightmare with more flavor than ever before! The most recent one involved me deciding to not take the exam because I’m under the impression that I do not need to. I realize, very late, that I have to. Decide to study everything in just a couple of hours and the syllabus is apparently of many years ago and so I don’t remember anything of that. Now that’s where my memory decides to fail me.

6. I got dream kissed – Yes! This was weird and good because at the time, I had a huge crush on Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson, and I remember this like it was yesterday. So the teenage girl dream cliché, we meet at this exhibition and he looks at me more than the paintings and when he is about to leave, turns back and kisses me! Now, it felt so weird because I had a lingering feeling on my lips in reality! Well I don’t know, I was pretty exhausted that night (no pun intended).

7. A poetry recitation competition – Now, this was way back. I have to confess, once, I had to participate in a poetry recitation competition, I mean, I was forced to, so I didn’t know what to say. This actually happened and the effect of this traumatic experience was seen subconsciously. So, well, I go up on the stage and in front of the judges and instead of poetry, I sang a Bollywood song. Yes, a Hindi song. Okay, I shall not linger much on this subject. This haunted me in my dreams and once, I was told, I recited poetry in my sleep. True, this is the level of perfection that parents actually crave but this was creepy as I stood up in my sleep, recited the poem and slept off again. I used to sleep in between my parents back then. No! I wasn’t scared! I had to scare them! *looks everywhere else but at you*

So, this was my short list. I’m completely and happily embarrassed! But that’s okay. If anyone else has had dreams similar to mine or as weird, do let me know! I’d love to have the “I know right!?” moment.

P. S. I was inconsistent yesterday for the daily prompts, as old habits do die hard. (Subtle way of saying I had writer’s block…even subtler way of saying that I did not know what to write)
Enough of publicly humiliating myself for one day. Happy dreaming! 🙂



5 thoughts on “My REM-ing tales!

  1. I’m-still-writing-exam-dreams are the scariest! Often times i wake up from those with sweaty palms. It’s scarier than the ones with ghosts and deaths. I always get that compulsory 10 marks question wrong, even in my dreams! 😭😂


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