One grain at a time

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When presented with a problem, it is the illusion of its complexity that engulfs the mind and deters any thought process leading up to the solution. True, the bigger picture is of primary importance, as the solution must be applicable to the whole and not just a part; the part which provides a simplistic facet to the problem and also, hope, to the solver. Nevertheless, breaking down the complex issue into comprehensible pieces, assists in piecing them together, revealing the solution in the inconsistencies encountered.

Why am I muttering in a fashion almost as incoherent as the hypothetical problem I presented in the previous paragraph and in unnecessarily convoluted sentences? Well, probably to make a fool of myself through my not-so-subtle grandiloquence; probably to meet my unrealistic expectations at being sophisticated as I attempt to type out an article on the word – Grain.

Why start with the problem? To illustrate the assistance that breaking down something complex into simple components provides. What I am trying to explain here is how I view a “grain”. A grain for me is a small step toward the big finale. It is the small step toward the future; the small nudge provided by someone to do something, to keeping doing something. A grain is invariably something minuscule, a tiny effort, a sliver of hope.

When my parents decided to invest in a house, it took them years of saving, little by little, to pay that deposit finally and get a loan. It further took them several installments to repay the loan. Hence, it is a process which takes consistent effort and will. When I told my parents that I would like to continue my education overseas, it was, still is, a process that has, and will, span years. An equivalent of a grain at a time. And some might counter saying that every part therein isn’t as minute as a grain, obviously. But there are just so many aspects that are unveiled during the course that it feels right to call it all a tiny speck on the bigger picture.

And the grain is not insignificant, mind you! An effort as small as a grain can be the difference between an initiation and a shelved idea. Had someone not clicked on the create button for this blog, I would never have gained the audience I have and never have had the courage to write for anyone apart from my close set of friends. If more clarification regarding the ‘strength of the small’ is necessary, I must admit, had I not been nudged a little to think and write on it today, this post would not have existed. Sounding different than usual, as I realize I am, it’s a change I am certain that will vary. If I am upbeat in a post it is so because of my temperament that day and if I sound grounded, probably I am feeling so. It is the minute difference between coffee and no coffee, you see!

In conclusion, I’d like to make a grain-like reference to one of my favorite books, “Memoirs of a Geisha”. The Sumo match described explains vividly that appearance alone can never give a true estimate of strength, character or anything of the like. The “grain” should not be underestimated. The grain is all you need.

P. S. Thank you to a dear friend for the grain of encouragement! 🙂



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