The Epitome of the Perfect Man

December 20, 1994
December 20, 1994

“I want to start a new life with you. I want a fresh start, a new beginning.”

He was an open book for her, before she agreed to marry him. He told her about all the problems and how he would like for them to start afresh. It was a compromise, but she said yes because he was a good man. He still is. The man you can peg to be a gentleman. She said yes.

They started off their marriage with a small house, a quarters provided by the company. They opened a joint account and started saving from scratch. They went on a short honeymoon and not to a grand place, but they did go and enjoyed themselves. They welcomed a baby girl into their lives a year later. They have stayed that way for about twenty-three years now.

He never mistreated her. True, they had their arguments and at times he had to rudely put his foot down, but only because she was a little more of a “think-from-the-heart” person. But he never mistreated her. Gave her all the freedom in the world. Much more than what society gave the women at the time. He supported her in her endeavors, her music classes, singing career. He understood her need to be kept occupied when she left her job for their child. He urged her to open herself to newer avenues. He never pressurized her, though. He made sure that she was taken care of and didn’t lack any comfort. He would always apologize and mean it.
When their daughter was an infant, he would come home sooner and took care of her so that she could keep late hours. He never knew to cook, but he prepared rice to lessen the burden a little and till date, if she isn’t in the mood to cook, he would, without hesitation, simply order in.

He has not only, always been a great husband, he has always been a great father too. He has almost never said no to his daughter and made sure every need of hers has been fulfilled. He let her have her own ambitions and dreams, and never pressured her into doing what he would have liked her to do. He has been working endlessly all these years to ensure that his daughter’s dreams come true and she has nothing to worry about. He still can’t stand his daughter falling ill or being in trouble; the daughter who would demand sweets and other snacks as soon as he would return from work and throw a tantrum if her needs were not catered too, when she was young. He is the coolest dad now, when she is older.

He is the epitome of a supporting husband and a supporting father. Always backstage, helping his wife and daughter be center-stage and live their lives, and always in the front row, cheering them on.

Who is he? He is an epitome. He is the perfect example of the qualities I look for in a man. He is the standard against whom I judge all the men who come into my life. I too want a man who will respect me throughout and be the reason for my success and not my restraint. I too want a man who would one day be a wonderful father, just like mine has been for me. I too want a man who would be my support system and make sure I’m comfortable and happy. Every girl looks to her father and wishes that she too finds a great human being like her mother did.

Who is he? He is the epitome of the perfect man. He is my favorite hug, my confidant, my favorite conversation, my movie buddy, my partner in crime, my bedtime story teller. He is, my father.

P. S. Just an early Fathers’ Day post! Seemed to fit the topic! Happy Fathers’ Day, Daddy (way in advance)! 🙂 ❤


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