A Mother’s Purpose

Image source: http://www.offthecusp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/graph_heart_monitor.jpg
Image source: http://www.offthecusp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/graph_heart_monitor.jpg

Disclaimer: Completely fictional.


The consistent beeping of the monitor wasn’t anything new to her. She had grown accustomed to it over the many weeks she had spent listening to it. It was the one constant in her blankness. Much like the steady ticking of the clock, which was the second constant. She looked at her daughter, Meera. She had not changed over this one year at all. She just looked as though she was deep in slumber.

She sighed. She did not know what to do. She had a year to decide but she hadn’t been able to.

“Good morning, Mrs. Roy!” said the nurse. She smiled back and asked, “Is the Doctor too busy today? I’d like to meet him to discuss..”

The happy nurse’s smile disappeared for a fraction but returned as that of an understanding one. “Sure, he is. I shall let him know,” she said, and left after the routine checking.

Sarah again looked at her daughter, and her mind, like every day, thought of that fateful evening. The call from the hospital that her daughter is seriously injured in an accident, her son and husband dead… She was past questioning fate.

At first she used to ask what she had done to deserve it. To lose everything that mattered to her in one go. It was a filthy con that life had pulled on her but it kept continuing. Meera, though in a coma for a year, was her only reason to live. She had done so for a year.

Now or later, Mrs. Roy? She had answered in a daze, “Later.” Declared brain dead, she should have agreed to take her off life support a year ago. The wait wasn’t being easy on her. She should have said, “Now!” but she hadn’t.

That brought her to this same date that they were all admitted together on, a year later, talking to the Doctor. “Now or later, Mrs. Roy?”

The second time she was being asked this. But not exactly the second. She had first been asked this question by a different doctor. “Mrs. Roy, will you like the baby delivered now or later? The more you wait, the more the baby might suffocate.” She had said “now” back then without hesitation. Why was she hesitating today? Meera hadn’t changed in the past year and she was not going to come back.

Sarah had changed though. A lot. Frail and looking ten years older than her actual age, she was emotionally and physically exhausted. She still didn’t know what to do.

“Now,” she told the Doctor, who smiled back sympathetically. He was about to speak something but she cut him off and left asking him to get Meera off life support whenever he wished and that she didn’t want to be there. So she left.

But two hours later, when the Doctor and the nurse were present there, by Meera’s bed, ready to pull the plug on her, a miracle occurred. She came back. She came out of her coma, one which clearly meant that she was brain dead, and yet, here she was! Alive! Blinking!

The Doctor couldn’t believe it, he rushed to call Mrs. Sarah Roy to let her know, only to realize that she already knew. She had not hesitated today. She had said “now”. She had given her baby a life again; her baby, Meera. Her only purpose. The mother who brought her into this world, twice.

P. S. Another short story! Happy brewing, happy reading! 🙂



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