New month, new theme!

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At what age does the child become the parent? I never thought of this until now. Now probably because it’s the anxiety of separation, which is twofold. One, the fact that I am leaving my parents alone and going quite far; two, that I will be all alone to deal with what’s coming, which is intimidating. I am growing up and learning to be independent and it’s daunting. Also, my parents are growing younger than me, making them more vulnerable and require reassurances. Don’t misinterpret this. I am still dependent on finances which they will be providing but there are minor details and instances where I can understand that I am being the parent.

So I guess this is the slow transition, from being the kid to the adult; the same transition which the parent goes through, from being the parent to being parented.

Devoting the month of June to “Parenting Parents” I have decided to write one instance, every Sunday, when I felt that I am being what they have been for me throughout my life. I have been the parent, taking care, reassuring, guiding, something my parents continue to do even today, undoubtedly. It isn’t embarrassing for me to admit that at times they need help and I take charge, I feel good about it! Finally, I can reciprocate on some level!

Hopefully you will be able to relate to it if you are of my age, look forward to it if you are still young, recollect it if you aren’t very old yet and observe it if you are the transitioning parent right now. First case on Sunday!

P. S. I took a day off at the start of the month. But for a change I am being consistent! Shhh, I must not jinx it! Happy parenting! 🙂


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