As ‘Child’like as the Sky

Me from the times I don't remember!
Me from the times I don’t remember!

I was once asked the question, “What according to you is the best phase of life – childhood, adulthood or old-age?” My answer then had been that I can’t speak of old-age as I hadn’t been exposed to it, but out of the remaining, childhood was the best. Reason? It is the most carefree stage and eventually as we set off into our adulthood, we are burdened with responsibilities and trials, which don’t exactly point towards the perfect phase of life.

Even when I had answered the question, back in 2012, I had given the example of my cousins, who are quite younger than me. As I don’t remember much of my own childhood, my conclusions are mainly derived from my observations of the kids. Remember the times when greed was a concept unknown to us? We were satisfied with a tiny little toy, or even an object, which gave us all the joy in the world? We were genuinely happy. If we were hungry and we cried to be fed, thereafter we were happy, satisfied. Alright, you don’t remember? Neither do I. But those were my observations. My sister was given a ring and was taught to rotate it. She was delighted to see it spin like a top and she kept at it until she was tired and dozed off. That little ring kept her happy all day and kept her occupied. She was ‘content’. I don’t remember the last time I was content with any occurrences in my life. It has seemed burdensome for quite some time now. But not for that little girl.

Moreover, she was and still is at a stage wherein she just bestows a person, whom she trusts, with immense love. That’s a second trait we, as adults, tend to lack. Obviously, being wary is an important skill which is put to use as you age, but back when one is a kid, it is seldom utilized. So, as I observed her back then and still do, I see that once she trusts you, she does so explicitly and further, anything you say or do for her, anything you let her do to you, for example, if you let her braid your hair, is her dose of happiness and her manner of expressing her love and affection towards you.

Children are very open, gullible and in turn, vulnerable. It is up to us to take care that their innocence persists to the maximum duration possible. They are free with anyone and everyone, free from bias, openly caring and loving, and never hold grudges. If they hurt you by chance, they’ll apologize and mean it. They are as open and warm as the morning sky; as calming as the night’s. And in this infinity lies their emotions, an endless and overwhelming amount of it all. Who is to say that childhood isn’t the best and purest part of one’s life then?

P. S. I do wish to go back to those times. Those were the days, is truly said… Happy reading to the child in you! 🙂



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