The I’ll-do-it-myself Adamancy

This is the dawn of a new era. The times are changing and have sufficiently changed already. Now, I have observed that there are two kinds of people. These two categories are equally applicable to the newer generation as well as the older one. You see, there is one group which can easily cope with the new advancements in technology. Any new device in the market, and they are already its brand ambassadors. They do half the promotion for the company manufacturing the same. They are well aware of all of its features and are complete pros in handling it. On the other hand, there is the second group who find it extremely difficult to adjust to change. They are already trying to adjust to the technological advancement of five years ago, bombarding them with newer inventions is simply torture.

As I said earlier, these two categories apply to both generations. You see tech savvy parents with tech savvy kids, or vice versa, or a mixed doubles combinations. Probably it’s the concept of exposure that causes this disparity. Parents who are regularly exposed to new technology or prefer keeping abreast of the same, are already pros and in no time, their off-springs join the bandwagon. Similarly, when parents themselves are unaware, that tends to rub off on their children (as in my case). The mixed category can be because of unaware parents and really aware kids, or due to education.

Now that the brief introduction is done, I shall consider my case and share an observation I made. Certainly this has been the scenario in most families who fall in my category.

I’m not tech savvy; I repel technology. I tend to freak out about anything related to the internet that, unless it is absolutely impossible for me to get outside help or people to hold my hand as I submit a form online, I don’t venture into the vast abyss of the world wide web, alone…It is my own personal hell. My parents are in the same boat as me. But surely, I have a greater grasp at the whole concept so I’m a tad better off than them. Just as doubts arise in my mind regarding the use of something, they do so even in their heads. I ask my friends, they ask me.

Their patience whenever faced with a question by me is 10 times my patience in the above mentioned scenario. Despite the fact that their doubt is something of no major level, as in, quite easy even for me to solve, the time I devote to them is miniscule. I’m sorry. Instead of typing it out, I should be doing something about it. Actually, instead of doing this, probably I should be getting my Mom to understand the concept of tagging on Facebook. But I still prefer hanging out with friends and remain on call with them than do all this. I’m ashamed and confessing.

The point of the topic is actually based on the parents’ take on learning something though. My Dad bought a smartphone upon tremendous insistence by my Mom and me. Now, he wanted to Google something using the phone. He knew to do that on a PC but a phone, uncharted territory. So I sit down to teach him.

“Dad, give me the phone.”

“No, you show me how to do it.”

“Yes, Dad, hand over the phone to me, I’ll show you.”

“No, you show what to do, I’ll do it myself.”

“Ok, but show me the phone, only then will I be able to point out where you need to click!”

*barely turns the phone my way*

“Yes, so you see this, that says Google chrome?”

*about to touch the icon-phone snatched away*

“No! You don’t click anything, I’ll do it!”

Yes, this is how it goes always. Well, I suppose they understand that if they hand over the phone, I’ll just do the needful and hand it over to them and since they will not know how to do it, will have to ask again. Also, if I do teach them, they have this irrational fear that I’ll be too quick with my instructions and they’ll just miss the whole lesson. Whatever the case may be, it always has the phrase “I’ll-do-it”, with special emphasis on I.

I actually do not have conclusions or opinions on why do they react like this. It was just an observation. I used to get irritated when they first began to ask me and do this. But over the years I have begun to find it extremely adorable that they still want to hold on to something resembling their independence, and I hope, I can behave similarly when I’m as old as them.

Of course, their experience is, many times, sufficient to steer them in the right direction and in fact, allows them to rely lesser on modern day technology. For example, just recently, when I opened M-indicator on my phone to check the railway stations (it is an app that gives details regarding transportation in Mumbai), my Dad was already reciting them and just knew what to do…yep, adorable..!!

P. S. Second Sunday of June, ’16!! It’s Parenting-parents Sunday! Post #2! Happy parenting! 🙂

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