All I have wanted to do was write. Just never had the courage to present my articles publicly! This is my way of finally getting over my phobia! Baby steps to a short story and further to a book! A pharmacy student with varied interests, I’m looking forward to studying economics and statistics.

Coffee in one hand and a book in the other,

a cool and gloomy weather with it, and I’m in my happy place, like no other!

To top it off, provide me with a good conversation

and that becomes my stress-free mini-vacation!

I love to think and I think a lot!

Practical and systematic, hope that reflects in my blog!

And that’s the only rhyming poetry I can manage! So, hopefully you get entertained and I improve my writing. A platform to express is what I needed and every *like* I get will make me happy, like I hope to make you!

P. S. Definitely will go down well with coffee.

Happy brewing, happy reading! 🙂

Image source:×146/522910275423363138_1449177513.jpg

(the same image features throughout the blog)


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